Atelier Mammouth Status

Mamont server: our Mastodon instance is down.


Our Mamont server is back online: our Mastodon instance is now accessible again at

Short term: we'll continue to monitor the situation. Longer term: we will consider other measures to avoid this happening again.


Mamont server: the problem has been solved, we're waiting for the server to come back online.


Geomys server: still working on our outage, now that the cause is known. Hold fast.


Our French server Mamont has a major issue. Our Mastodon instance Mammouth Café is currently unreachable. We're in contact with our host and keep you posted on developments, but this incident may take a while (a couple of days) to be solved. Your data should be safe.

We're terribly sorry about this, and pretty annoyed too. Our first priority will be to put us back online as soon as possible, but we're also considering various options to avoid this in future.

Our Dutch server Geomys is also currently in trouble, but our German server Kraftwerk, managed by another host, is unaffected by this incident.